Green Team: Watonga Parkway Park

Event Summary

The Houston Parks Board Green Team is an essential part of the Bayou Greenways 2020 Conservation program. We are looking for volunteers who enjoy being outdoors and are passionate about conservation. Our volunteers participate in restoration work including invasive species removal and planting in our meadows, wetlands, and forest tracts. Education and hands-on training from conservation professionals will be our everyday commitment to the Green Team. We want our volunteers to build skills and knowledge on land management, invasive species ID, wetland restoration, and much more! 

NEW LOCATION! The November Green Team event will be held at Watonga Parkway Park. Volunteers will be rescuing Side Oats Gramma and other native grasses prior to a prairie restoration effort at the site. 

Parking is available on site. The parking lot is on the southern side of the park, off Watonga Blvd closer to 43rd St. Our worksite is the Watonga Blvd. Bridge over White Oak Bayou, simply follow the sidewalk north to the bridge.

Key Dates

Date: Wednesday November 20, 2019
Location: 4100 Watonga Blvd, Houston, TX 77092
Applications Close: Thursday November 21, 2019


Volunteers should dress appropriately for the weather. We recommend long sleeves and long pants, and we require closed-toed shoes. Please bring a water bottle. We will provide shovels, tools, and a water refill station. 


Currently there are no shifts open for registration

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